Friday, 28 December 2012

The Failure of Government and the coming of Internetocracy

Those who look can see that in the Western world everywhere representative governments are losing their power, notably in the peripheral EU states such as Greece and Spain where governments are essentially financially insolvent but also in richer countries where populaces are becoming disillusioned with governments which are so obviously out of touch and no longer fit for purpose, while taking ever larger slices of national income merely to run their own functions.

Tyler Durden, writing on his website "Zerohedge" also describes how trust in governments is disappearing

The former British diplomat and writer Carne Ross writes in his recent book The Leaderless Revolution that the structure of representative government is no longer able to deal with the complexities of running modern states, and that only a peer-to-peer structure of leaderless groups has the flexibility and the ability to perform these functions.

The Occupy movement shows quite clearly how these structures can work, they set a precedent which can only get stronger and more effective as time goes on - there can be no going back to the tired old structures of representative government once the immediacy and the power implicit in leaderless structures begins to be felt on an ever-larger scale.

The theory behind the powerful dynamic of leaderless groups has a long history, and Carne builds upon foundations such as those expressed in John Michell's book The Leadership Delusion.

Of course Real Direct Democracy is a prime example of a system using leaderless groups, and it is interesting to observe the emergence of new ideas which could be used to implement such a system - one of which is Internetocracy.

Internetocracy, as expressed in Lawrence Compagna's recent free booklet The Coming Age of Internetocracy describes possible practical ways in which real direct democracy may be implemented across the internet.

More such ideas are sure to emerge soon - the spirit of the age in on their side.

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