Saturday, 24 September 2011

Energy and Direct Democracy

A new book has appeared in the UK this week which links new energy, new money systems and real direct democracy now.

In the book, Rossi's eCat, the author describes the imminent emergence of a new kind of energy, a kind of Cold Fusion, low-energy nuclear reaction which has been developed in Italy and which will be demonstrated to the world, in the US, in a one Megawatt system this October.

If this energy source is everything that it claims to be, almost free, clean, non-polluting heat energy - then indeed we can over time expect huge changes in the economies of households and nations.

A key argument, supported by other writers such as Jeremy Rifkin (author of "The end of work"), is that such portable power systems lead to a rapid decentralization of power, a decentralization which makes central power structures like governments rather outdated in their purpose and usefulness.

The book rather elegantly suggests that such a new energy system can engender a new money system backed not by debt but by energy, and introduces a new money-unit based on Joules - a scientific energy unit - truly a globally recognizable currency with much more utility than that "barbarous relic", gold.

Such decentralization and new global money managed by the people themselves and not by banks or governments makes real direct democracy now an obvious next step - and one which cannot be stopped for it is a natural evolutionary stage.

At a time when newspaper headlines state "The world prays for an economic miracle", the emergence of such an energy and money system seems truly like an answer to such a prayer - but with the unexpected twist of making direct democracy almost an inevitability - not something that the PTB really want to see happen.

As with all prayers - requests to a higher power if you will - you may get what you need but it may hardly be what you want.

The book, Rossi's eCat - Free Energy, Free Money, Free People by John Michell is available from the publisher or from Amazon.

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