Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Athens prepares to give the world a 21st Century model of democracy

This is truly a landmark - what we are seeing now in Athens is the birth of a new model of democracy - real direct participatory democracy now.

It does not really matter how long it takes to work out the detail of how this model will work in practice - but there are many intelligent, well-educated, motivated people among those demonstrating in Athens - so I guess most of the fine detail will be in place before the year is out.

In the same way that Athens gave the whole world a model of democracy 2,500 years ago - Athens is now working out the detail of a new 21st century model which will necessarily be replicated throughout the world - not because the politicians or corporate interests want it - but because the people need it.

These are extraordinary times - as we speak thousands are gathering - driven by a new spirit which comes from out of the people themselves - and not from the tired, mendacious lips of some world leader.

At the same time both the US Dollar and the Euro are facing terminal crises with an unknown future - the next few weeks and months are going to be truly extraordinary - will we grasp this opportunity to become free people or will we permit the old, tired, dying systems to take over again? - that is the question.

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